Lucifer is a crime thriller show that revolves around a demon who abandons Hell to reside in Los Angeles. Where he runs his own nightclub and becomes a consultant to the LAPD. The show spreads over 4 seasons and enjoys a huge fan following. Lately, there have been reports that the show’s protagonist Tom Ellis might get replaced by Ian Somerhalder.

Is Tom Ellis leaving 'Lucifer'?

The show is available on Netflix and has 4 seasons available. While the 5th season of the show has not even been released yet, fans of the show have started talking about the sixth season of the show. There have been speculation on social media that the show’s lead, Tom Ellis might get replaced due to his contract negotiations with the production house.

Moreover, fans have been speculating that Tom Ellis might get replaced by The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder. However, according to a leading media portal, the rumours seem to be wishful thinking on the part of fans on Ian Somerhalder. Reportedly, after Ian Somerhalder’s show, V Wars was cancelled after one season, the actor had reportedly said he has no plans of working with Netflix in the near future.

Tom Ellis' contract negotiations

Lucifer’s season 6 renewal was held up by contract negotiations between Tom Ellis and Warner Bros. In May, it was confirmed that Tom Ellis would be making a comeback for Season 6 and that the disagreements had been sorted. Reportedly, Ellis’ contract for Lucifer season 6 was due for renewal in March.

According to media reports, Tom had issues with his contract and that gave way to some disputes. A source of a leading media portal reportedly said that everyone wants Tom to be happy but there is a limit and that limit has been reached. However, later both Ellis and show maker Joe Henderson along with Ildy Modrovich have reportedly signed up for season 6.

Season 5 does not have a release date yet

Despite that, Netflix has not made any announcements regarding the renewal of the show beyond season 5. Reportedly, season 5 has been cited as the ‘final’ season. While there are speculations regarding season 6, fans have been enquiring about season 5’s release date.

Actor Tom Ellis had confirmed on a talk show that Netflix shall be releasing 8 episodes of season 5. He had further said that after a little break, the OTT platform would drop another 8 episodes of the series. However, the show has not received any release dates yet.

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