15 Dark Secrets Behind The Vampire Diaries

When The Vampire Diaries popped onto the scene, many thought the show wouldn’t resonate with viewers. It was another story about vampires, like Twilight and True Blood. Eight seasons later, The Vampire Diaries became one of the more popular CW shows for teens and viewers in their twenties. When the creators were looking for actors to play the main roles, young and upandcoming stars leapt at the chance to audition.

It’s hard to nail down exact reasons why people were addicted to The Vampire Diaries. The fandom continued even after the show ended its run. Although the show was based on the L.J. Smith books by the same name, the series quickly found its own storylines. And the vampires in The Vampire Diaries were more likable whether good or bad than those from other shows and movies. Plus, many viewers felt the acting was excellent when compared to similar TV shows.

Even a beloved show like The Vampire Diaries is bound to have some dark secrets or strange behindthescenes stories. However, no matter how dark or strange, The Vampire Diariess audience was strong enough not to let any secret derail their adoration for the vampire series.

Here’s 15 Dark Secrets Behind the Vampire Diaries.