Vampire Diaries: Damon Vs. Stefan: Who Was Better For Katherine?

Long before there was a Elena and Salvatore brothers love triangle, there was a Katherine and the Salvatore brothers love triangle in The Vampire DiariesStefan and Damon fell for Katherine, so much so that they became vampires because of her. She was the love that didn't go away, as years later, both brothers think of Katherine. The reason why Elena first stood out to the brothers is because she looks like Katherine.

Apart from being their first love, Katherine represents their first betrayal and heart-break. Katherine isn't a heroine, she's often the foe who manipulates others for pure enjoyment or to get her way. For years, Katherine focused on survival, and she would do anything in order to ensure that she survived. However, she became fascinated by both brothers. While she had good chemistry with both, which one was a better partner for her?