Vampire Diaries: 10 Crazy Things That Happened Between The Originals & Legacies

During the height of vampire/supernatural literature and media brought on by Twilight, a book series came to light called The Vampire Diaries. It follows Elena Gilbert as her life is turned upside down when she meets Stefan and Damon Salvatore, two 162-year-old vampires. The series then lead to a series, and two spin-offs, The Originals, and Legacies.

The Originals focuses on three of the Mikaelson siblings, who are part of the first-ever vampire family in New OrleansLegacies follows the life of Hope Mikaelson at a school for supernatural students. However, as a spin-off of a spin-off, a lot of craziness ensues between the two series.

Here are 10 Crazy Things That Happened Between The Originals & Legacies.


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