The Vampire Diaries: 10 Things Even Diehard Fans Don't Know About Damon Salvatore

3. Somerhalder Didn't Want Damon To Be A Nice Guy

During season 2, Damon finds himself in a relationship of sorts with Rose (The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan), but their romance is cut short when Rose is bitten by a werewolf which proves fatal, and the end doesn't come quickly or without pain during "The Descent."

Damon uses some of those vampy mind tricks to help ease Rose's suffering. The scene is one of co-creator Julie Plec's favorites who spoke to ETonline along with Somerhalder. The actor wasn't initially sold on the idea. "Because it showed this soft side of Damon that I hated — I hated it. I was so vehemently opposed to that stuff and Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec] had to beat it into my head. "Damon cannot just be a one-trick-pony. He cannot just be a one-dimensional villainous character."