The Originals: 20 Wild Things About Elijah Mikaelson Fans Choose To Ignore

First in The Vampire Diaries and then in The Originals, Elijah Mikaelson was known as the honorable Original vampire. Unlike his unpredictable and threatening siblings, Klaus and Rebekah, Elijah had a noble demeanor that contradicted his vampire nature. Always impeccably dressed in a suit and tie and speaking in a formal cadence that gave weight to his pronouncements, Elijah came across as the only Original with a moral compass. While his brother Klaus was considered the worst of the worse and Rebekah was viewed with constant suspicion, Elijah did his best to keep his word and earn others’ trust. Yet, as much as Elijah wanted to live up to the persona he’d created for himself, he frequently failed — and often his victims discovered too late that his principled exterior was an illusion.

During Elijah’s tenure in the world of The Vampire Diaries, fans embraced this decent but flawed character. His dedication to his family, his desire to do better, and his restraint in the face of desire all made him uniquely appealing. Of course, at heart, he was still a long-lived vampire who was no longer entirely in touch with his humanity. Elijah often made questionable choices and took problematic actions, sometimes even upsetting his “bad” brother Klaus.

Nonetheless, it was hard not to admire Elijah’s constant search for redemption for both him and his siblings, especially Klaus. And fans rooted for him in his struggle against his vampirism. In order to remain in his corner, however, there are many things fans chose to overlook about Elijah through the years. We’ll take a look at some examples below.

Here are 20 Wild Things About Elijah Mikaelson Fans Choose to Ignore.


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