The Originals: 20 Things That Make No Sense About The Show

After The Vampire Diaries introduced the Mikaelson family as villains, Klaus and Elijah headed to New Orleans to lead their own series, the spinoff The Originals. They went from being villains in someone else's story to heroes in their own. Fans accepted that, despite the problems inherent in that premise.

Still, it was an entertaining show for five seasons. Though Klaus had threatened the lives of the TVD heroes and their loved ones, he still became someone viewers wanted to see come out on top in New Orleans. That even sometimes meant rooting for the end of someone else's life.

On The Originals, fans saw the Mikaelsons and those closest to them in a different light. Their lives and histories were explored in a way they couldn't be on the original series of the franchise. Their family grew (and not just biologically).

However, it was also a very dark show. Therefore, sometimes it was hard to find logic in some of the things that happened and characters got away with over the course of five seasons.

While it made sense that not everyone got a happily ever after, given some of the evil deeds they committed, it was still strange to see some endings not fit the story told for years.

Here are 20 Things That Make No Sense About The Originals.


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