15 Inconsistencies From 'The Vampire Diaries' That Even The Biggest Fan Can't Ignore

The Vampire Diaries is a teen drama that centers on a small town called Mystic Falls. This little community seems like your average settlement from the outside, but once you take a close looker, you find out that there’s more than meets the eye. When two brothers, who just so happen to be vampires, stop by, nothing will ever be the same again. The show wowed us for eight seasons, and as we sat there every week, we became enthralled with the characters and the situations that they got themselves into. It may have had its final curtain call a year ago, but that doesn’t mean that we still don’t think about it from time to time. For all intents and purposes, TVD was a good show, but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t have its flaws, in fact, some of them still keep us up at night.