15 Dark Secrets Behind The Vampire Diaries

12. Ian Somerhalder Rejected Fans

Real life drama sometimes collides with popular actors of a television show. The most common interaction for a television culture icon is with fans. Ian Somerhalder made the news when Nina Dobrev and Somerhalder broke up, and he married Nikki Reed shortly after. Somerhalder hit the headlines again when he became rude to fans in Paris.

Somerhalder and Reed were on their honeymoon, and a crowd of fans stood around waiting outside the newlywed’s hotel. When the couple left, Somerhalder refused to pose with any of them. He told the fans, “Everybody stop…I love you guys, but I’m not taking a single photo today. It’s my day.” He then requested that none of them follow. “It’s too much.” His recent ex - Dobrev - posted an Instagram photo allegedly in response to the modest rant.